Thursday, May 5, 2011

First Post!

It's been hard not having a blog for 25 years. I mean the first thirteen years were easy; blogs had not yet been invented, and I was too busy being a dick to people on the internet to write coherent sentences that people might actually want to read. Luckily most of my circa-1999 newsgroup posts have disappeared into the black hole of internet past, which is probably for the best. The last twelve years have been tougher, and I've even slipped up on at least one occasion. Have you ever woken up after a night of drinking to find yourself the owner of a blog with a single post and no readers? It doesn't feel good. (Though I suppose that might be the hangover...)

Ultimately, I've resisted starting a blog because a lot of people have crappy blogs that nobody follows. And I didn't want one of those. So, you might wonder, what's changed? Obviously, I've decided that I'm OK with having a crappy blog that nobody follows. (Note to future self: be sure to edit this post if this blog becomes non-crappy.)

I expect that posts here will include lots of random topics. Most of them will be nerdy. There might be occasional posts about skiing, living in the Bay Area, politics, and who knows what else.

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